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Massage & Acupuncture: Two Keys to Better Health
Our massage therapists (Melissa and Jeanne) and our acupuncturist (Nic) continue to be a vital component to our patient's success. After several months of truly integrating our services, the benefit to our patients has never been more obvious. The ability to "mix and match" therapies (and practitioners for that matter) has been incredible and has provided the ability to truly tailor each patient's treatment plan to their specific needs.

It is important to note that although these disciplines really shine during “active care”, they are equally as beneficial as part of a long term strategy for wellness. Periodic chiropractic, massage and/or acupuncture in combination with regular exercise, proper nutrition and ample sleep provides a baseline for better health.

Our therapists are available throughout the week (and Saturday’s for massage). Appointments can be made via our website or by simply calling the office at 443-259-0235.

We also have gift certificates are available for the upcoming holidays!

Supplement of the Month
Each month we choose a different supplement to highlight. The goal is to provide some general information to our patients regarding the benefits of the various supplements we carry here at the office. This month we are highlighting our Red and Green Protect.

Red Protect 15% Off

  • Berry flavored 80% fruit 20% vegetable
  • Recommended for patients less likely to consume fruits
  • Low in Sugar, Great for the Kids!!!
  • Combined with probiotics and enzymes to help with Digestive Health

Green Protect 15% Off

  • Provides antioxidant protection of 10 SERVINGS OF FRUITS & VEGETABLES
  • Recommended for patients less likely to consume vegetables
  • Convenient  way to  increasing antioxidants, enzymes, probiotics and fiber in the diet

HoCo Chiro Out and About
It's been a very busy fall here at Ho Co Chiro with our team making appearances throughout the county and further. Between providing post-race massage at the Metric Marathon and Run Through the Grapevine and participating in the Feet First Ladies Night and NSA health fair, we have been busy educating folks on the benefit of chiropractic care, massage and acupuncture. We hope you enjoy some pictures form these great events and remember, if you have an event you think would be a good fit for our office…just let us know.

Concerned about your posture? Your children’s posture?
HoCo Chiro’s Postural Restoration Program can help!
What do your car, your desk and video games have in common? Besides the fact that most of us spend way to much time “in one” or “in front of one”, they all promote horrible posture. Patients often comment “I have horrible posture” and imply it’s their fault. The truth of the matter is that although there are lots of things we can all do (psst…we here at HCC know what they are) to improve posture, most of what we do all day, promotes poor posture.

So how do I get better posture? Funny you should ask... Dr. Elek, Dr. Veronica and myself have been hard at work designing a specific program to address this very common (and pretty serious) condition. It is designed to identify underlying biomechanical issues leading to poor posture, correct them and provide a long term strategy for avoiding their return. Our program is designed for people of all ages, so even your 11 year old, who loves his or her x-box, can benefit! Interested in scheduling an appointment? Simply call the office at 443-259-0235 or click here to learn more.

Lastly, we thought it would be fun to share some healthy Thanksgiving recipes with you! Check out The Food Network's Best (Healthy) Recipes. We hope you and your family have a Happy Thanksgiving and we look forward to seeing you soon!

Russ Antio and the HoCo Chiro Team

Drs. Russell and Veronica Antico

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