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Louis NavellierFellow Investor,

When I launched my first investment advisory 30 years ago, I did it with the goal of helping individual investors like you make better investment decisions.  

I’m proud to say that you can find that commitment today in my four market-beating advisories and trading services that cover blue chip stocks, small cap stocks, and globally-oriented stocks.

As part of my continuing commitment to better serve investors, we’ve formed a new Private Client Group here at Navellier & Associates whose sole goal is to offer high-net-worth investors with $1 million in assets or more customized investment solutions—something I’m not able to do through the pages of my monthly advisories.   

This new service will allow us to work directly with you and your financial advisor to create an asset allocation strategy designed to fit your specific investment goals.

That way you’ll get our personal take on your current assets and allocations along with our best ideas for this current economic environment.

Click this link to schedule your FREE appointment.

There’s no cost or obligation whatsoever to invest with us.

It’s simply our way of introducing you and your financial advisor to our Private Client Group and our customized solutions so that you can get our educated take on your current holdings and how we might work together in the future.

With market volatility at all-time highs, our personal portfolio review can bring you customized solutions appropriate to your net worth, level of risk, and growth and income goals.

Accordingly, your free review will include not only an evaluation of your current holdings but also ideas on how we might reposition your assets in this current economic environment and work directly with your financial advisor to continue to help you meet your growth and income goals.

To schedule your FREE appointment, just click the link here and complete the appointment form on the next page.

My office will call you within the next 48 hours to schedule your review and assessment.

Again, it’s yours FREE, from Navellier's Private Client Group, without cost or obligation to invest with us.


Louis Navellier,

Louis Navellier
Chief Investment Officer,
Navellier & Associates


Someone from the Navellier Private Client Group will call you within the next 48 hours to schedule your review and assessment.

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